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Create a Valentine for the Birds

Many gardeners feed the birds during winter months to help supplement the birds' diet while supplies of naturally occurring food, such as insects and seeds, are low. Placing a bird feeder in a location easily viewed from a window provides opportunities for you to enjoy observing and studying them as they take advantage of the free meal.

Combine this environmental lesson with a holiday activity in your classroom by making a Valentine for the birds in your school yard:

  1. Cut heart-shaped pieces out of sheets of cardboard or poster board. Punch a hole in the middle and attach a string through the hole.
  2. Ask students to spread a layer of peanut butter over both sides of the hearts.
  3. Dip the peanut butter-coated hearts in a plate full of bird seed until completely covered.
  4. Allow the peanut butter to dry a bit by placing the hearts on a piece of wax paper.
  5. Next, hang the hearts from trees outside your classroom. Remember that most birds need a place to perch while eating, so make sure there is a spot for them to sit and eat from your heart-shaped bird feeder.
  6. Take time to watch and observe as the birds enjoy your special Valentine treat.

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